Greening Frogtown is published every two months — January, March, May, July, September and November. It is delivered door-to-door to each of the 5,000 households in the area from Lexington Parkway to 35E, and from University Avenue to Pierce-Butler Route.

The newspaper is a celebration of the people, events and projects that help make Frogtown a better place to live. We believe that a critical ingredient of any great neighborhood is green space — places where people can plant things, watch them grow, get in touch with the bounty and beauty of the natural world, and be comforted by it.

We also believe that the more people know about the efforts to create green spaces and other amenities, the more convinced they’ll be that Frogtown is a great place to put down roots. Our neighborhood has traditionally been viewed as a first stop on the way to someplace better. We hope it will become a first stop and a last stop — a place where people invest, work together and build up a community that is rich and inspiring.

Greening Frogtown is produced by Patricia Ohmans and Anthony Schmitz. We’ve lived in Frogtown for 35 years, raised a family here, and participated in all sorts of community projects. We’re big believers in the power of information. You can’t be part of things if you don’t know anything about them. Greening Frogtown is our effort to add to the body of local news and knowledge.